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How Often Do I need to Have my Teeth Cleaned?

dental visitThere once was a recommendation to have your oil changed every 3000 or 6000 miles. Thanks to modern technology, modern cars make a determination based on the type of driver and temperatures a car endures. The same kind of philosophy about teeth cleaning makes sense.

Dental Cleaning Every Six Months?

For years, dentists, as a group of oral healthcare professionals concerned about their patients, recommended dental visits every six months for cleaning teeth. That was the recommendation for everybody, whether they had healthy gums or not. The amount of tartar and plaque build-up made no difference in the recommendations. There was no allowance made for those who brushed religiously or used floss.

If those scenarios seem ridiculous, the point of this article makes sense to you. The recommendation for semi-annual cleanings dates back to a time before the invention of toothpaste. A tooth powder company used the recommendation for an ad campaign aired on a popular radio show that later ran as a TV adaptation. The campaign began in the 50’s and ran through 1966. Advertisement material was responsible for the recommendation that served as gospel to the present day.

Plaque and tartar formation occur at different rates for individuals. It is possible for a patient to return to a dentist two weeks after a cleaning for a scheduled filling and have tartar forming on teeth. Other patients need to see a dentist once each year for the same problem.

Preventive Dental Care

Teeth cleaning in Monterey by both a general dentist and a cosmetic dentist in Monterey is part of a practice that builds a foundation of trust by treating patients as individuals. Those dental practices have a team dedicated to providing excellent service and personalized care. The concept is vital to the success of the practices. The teams believe that preventative care and education are the key concepts in optimal oral healthcare.

A dental hygiene clinic in California is striving to change the way individuals view visits to the dental hygienist. The California practice gives patients a comprehensive assessment and individualized oral healthcare. Dental cleaning prevents cavities, stops tooth loss, brightens smiles, freshens breath, boosts overall health, and saves money.

Dentists use professional tools that remove bacteria, tartar, and plaque build-up. Polishing teeth removes the skin of the teeth, called the pellicle. It reappears in three days. Plaque is a sticky biofilm that sticks to the pellicle. Those with a history of periodontal disease need to have teeth cleaned more frequently than others to prevent recurring disease of infection.

Patients with chronic conditions such as heart disease and diabetes need to have teeth cleaned more often due to links to dental problems. Smoking permanently stains teeth. Staining is just one of the many reasons smokers need to quit. Those not intending to quit need to consult their dentist for the recommended frequency needed to clean teeth.
Even people who brush well, and floss regularly, need professionally cleaned teeth to prevent major dental problems. The frequency of those cleanings depends on the individual. Insurance companies typically cover two cleanings per year. Having teeth cleaned more than the standard recommendation is cheaper than the costs that add up when gum disease or cavities develop because of procrastination.
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