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Teeth Whitening in Monterey


Teeth Whitening Is More Than a Brighter Smile

beautiful brunette girl showing results of teeth whiteningTeeth whitening has become an important part of oral health today. People of all ages want a more beautiful, lasting, healthy smile. After all, the most important part of your body for demonstrating good health, confidence and even professional capability is your smile. Whether they will admit it or not, most people mentally connect a vibrant white smile to the positive attributes in life most of us strive to achieve.

Did you know that not having a smile you are proud of can affect you throughout each day of your life? Having a smile that you do not believe shows your best personal image can cause the following effects in your life:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Difficulty in finding work
  • Lower achievement in work
  • Difficulty participating in group activities
  • Lower social engagement
  • Lower academic performance
  • Poor reflection of personality
  • Appearance of disinterest in activities or others around you

Revamp Your Smile

While most of these are not directly caused by your smile itself, they are domino-like side effects of not feeling that you look as great as you should. A dull smile can keep you from engaging with people in all areas of your life. Let’s face it, if you want a full and enriched life of school, work and socializing, you need to be able to confidently smile. It is amazing what small steps in oral health can do for individual self-esteem and social involvement.

Consciously or subconsciously, people today also connect your smile with a lasting first impression of your personal accomplishments, wealth and status. People with whiter teeth are perceived as having greater social, occupational and personal capabilities than those without a vibrant smile. Whether these are fair assumptions or not, they are the nature of our society and cosmetic capabilities today.

Having a vibrant, luminescent smile can be as easy as one or just a few visits to Monterey Dental Contours. In only minutes, you can gain the bright white, socially inviting smile you want and deserve. Gone are the dulling effects of years of tea, soda, coffee, as well as other causes of a yellow smile. Having a high quality, white smile provides the youthful, energetic invitation for the world to engage with you. Contact us for your teeth whitening consultation.